Roof Repair

Roof Repair

Due to the season and temperature changes, everything weakens with time. As Southern California’s heat causes all building material to expand, when the weather cools for the winter these materials contract, causing shifting and especially the seams and seals of a roof to crack.

Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial roofs are big. Their large area makes them more prone to weather damage. We provide services to fix any problems with your roof. Roof treatments are a big hit with our commercial clients.

We repair your roofs and provide problem-solving solutions.

  • Coating for Built-up roofs: these coating properly seal the roof. Built-up roofs are almost always flat and need some preparation before building a structure on it.

  • Metal Roofs: if your metal roof requires a repair, we will do the job so well that you won’t see where the patch is.

  • Asphalt Shingles: we also repair asphalt shingles. If a single or two asphalt shingles are damaged, we will replace them. But if more shingles how signs of distress, it is likely that a re-roofing is the only solution.


Residential Roof Repair

We repair roofs of your homes. Residential roofs may be smaller in size than the commercial roofs, but their styles are more complicated than other. With this complexity, the repairing service often becomes a challenge. Do not worry. We have seen it all, and we know it all.

Some of the main problem causing areas for a residential roof is;


These are the most common trouble area in case of a leaking roof.

Plumbing Vent

Any hole on a roof should be sealed properly to avoid problems later.


Missing or damaged shingles are pretty easy to spot.


This is a piece of metal that seals a roof. If the flashing is terrible, your roof will drip.

We Repair Leaking Roofs

A leaking roof is embarrassing. Imagine sitting in a restaurant, and the rainwater drips into your food. Will you eat that? No. not just for commercial set-ups, in homes as well. If a dripping roof spoils your furniture or your guest`s clothes, it will be an awkward situation.

Our contractors can fix it for you. We will repair any leaking cracks for you. No more water is dripping down and ruining the interior of your building. Our workers are experienced and know of pro techniques to repair your troubling roofs.

Maintenance is a Practical Recommendation

What should you do to keep your roof safe from these unpleasant damages?

You should call an expert contractor and discuss your concern with them. We recommend regular maintenance. It will provide your roof with touch-ups before any real damage. Such steps increase the lifespan of your roof.

Pro-Active Approach

Working for a solution before the times of trouble is what smart people do. A pro-active approach can never go wrong. Taking measures to reduce roof damage is essential. You are most welcome to look at our roof coating treatments for roof protection. Choose the one that suits and do your roof a favor. Treatment will cost less than a new roof later.