Any gadget, device and building system requires routine maintenance to prolong
its lifetime. Like an oil change on a car. These preventative services help ensure the integrity and extend the systems lifetime.

Maintenance packages

Our company, DBR Culver City Roofing, offers multiple maintenance packages to our client. We arrange the package it will not burden our client’s pocket. Here are some packages

Basic maintenance

Premium maintenance package

Deluxe maintenance package

Customized package

Basic maintenance packages

In these packages, our company provides maintenance at [dollar]. it includes

There is an annual maintenance of solar panel and roofing.

No service charges

Pay for replaced parts(at the minimal rate)

Emergency services

Premium packages

In this package, we visit your area 2 times in a year.

We check the battery for life

Free emergency services

We check for any leakage in your roof.

Provide free battery maintenance

You will pay for replaced parts

Deluxe maintenance packages

You have to pay one time a year.

We maintain the battery if needed we replace it without any charges

Emergency services

Maintenance and inspection of your roof and solar panel system twice in a year.

Free replacement of parts

Customized maintenance services

Visit our office or call us at helping with customized maintenance packages and for the information of other maintenance packages.

Solar panel maintenance

Normally solar panels require little or no maintenance as there are no moving parts. But regular maintenance or inspection by professional is necessary.  One or two times in year solar panel should be examined for debris and dirt. The DBR Culver City Roofing gives solar panel system cleaning and maintenance services.


Roofing maintenance

You have a beautiful roof and spend thousand on it but neglecting its maintenance. Everything needs maintenance at least one time in a year. Call DBR Culver City Roofing for the complete inspection of the roof and its maintenance. We also do repairing at minimal cost.

Contact us today

Email us or fill a form to avail maintenance services. You can also call us at our helping and book the service with us. By paying a visit to our office, you can discuss maintenance packages with us.