Our roofs keep us safe from the scorching heat outside during summers. Getting out of the shining sun is in itself a relief. When we come indoors from a boiling outside, we want some relief and a lot of cool.


Bright and Sunny Days

Summers are HOT! Especially if you live in some area where humidity comes along summer season. We all love summers though; there is openness about this season that invites energy. Bright sunny days mean a day out. The bird’s chirp and the squirrels run here and there. It all makes summer more vibrant.


The Heat is Exhausting

But the heat is exhausting. Staying out on a hot summer day dehydrates us. Going indoors is a moment of relief from the scorching sun. But if the indoors are as humid and hot as the outside, you are stuck. There are more expansive ways to drop indoor temperatures.


Using cooling Systems is one way to survive the Heat

Yeah, we know about cooling systems. We live in a modern world too. We also know that these cooling systems need the energy to function. If you are using air conditioning units to cool down, they will bring massive electric bills at the end of the month. Air coolers are noisy and only useful in heat where humidity is nowhere around.


The Concept of a Cool Roof

The smartest way to cool off your the homes and buildings is to get a cooling layer on your roof. What this cooling layer does is;

  • Number one: this layer reflects all sunlight. It sends back all harmful UV rays. No absorption of the sunlight in your roof means a drop in your building’s temperature. Isn’t that smart.
  • Number two: if you know the basics of physics, you can figure out that reflecting sunlight means less heat absorption on the roof surface. If the roof is cool, so is the inside of your building.


Getting a Cool Roof is Smart Thinking

All such roofs are made from very reflective materials. There are different kinds of reflective materials available in the market. These include some very reflective light colored paints, tiles, sheets or shingles. These materials are spread seamlessly on the surface of the roof so that there is no space left for heat to get through. These cool roofs bring down your electricity bills. While you still may have to use air conditioning inside your homes but the energy consumption drops because of lower temperatures inside.


Metal is One of the Materials to Cool Down Roofs

Yeah, you heard me right. Metal is used to cool down roof temperatures. These metal sheets are highly reflective and are installed in your roofs seamlessly. You do not need to worry about rust. Galvanized the roof Before these sheets make their way onto your roof. So rain or humidity cannot get your sheets rusty. You can also get an in-built vent system for your metal roofs.


Flat or Sloped: All Roofs can become Cool Roofs

Whatever is the shape or structure of your roof, changing it to a cool roof is secure. You can call in experts to suggest the best possible solutions. A reflective sheet of any material you choose or the one that you can afford is all you need to convert a standard roof into a cool roof.


The Advantages of Installing a Cool Roof

A cool roof is the best solution for hot areas. You can reap many benefits from installing it. Like,

  • It saves energy. With the interior of the house cool enough, you will feel the lesser need of using air conditioning. Lesser energy consumption will result in lower digits on the bill.
  • Your indoors will be more comfortable.
  • Layering your roof with a reflective sheet covers your roof surface. The damage to the roof is minimum. Your roof life will increase, and there will be little chances of needing any repairing services.
  • Using it more will eventually result in lesser usage of air conditioning. The heat of the air conditioning units will drop. It will improve general weather conditions in the area.
  • If you have the power outage in your area, lesser energy consumption will improve general power situation.

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