Five mistakes you’ve been making with your roof

The roof is an important part of a building. It protects you and your loved ones while at the same time gives your home aesthetic value. Here are the five mistakes you have been making with your roof.

1. Covering the Old Shingles Rather than Replacing them

A common mistake many people make is covering the old shingles instead of just replacing them. The proper and recommended approach when replacing a portion of the roof is always removing all the old shingles and then replace them with new shingles. Consider that the shingles are designed for the flat surfaces and they will not do a good job bridging over gaps or humps. If the old shingles happen to be cupped, the defects will definitely be passed on to the new layer. That is why roofers recommend the use of laminated dimensional shingles for re-roofing since these appear thicker compared to the standard type of shingles. Moreover, shingles add weight and if your roof was originally designed for single shingle, the extra weight might cause serious issues.

2. Improper Moisture Protection

Ensuring proper moisture protection is an important consideration in any roofing project. Some roofers might argue that shingles will deflect and divert water off the roof. However, it is still very much necessary that you install proper moisture protection underneath just in case any mishap occurs. Proper moisture protection also helps to protect the decking from rainwater. Thus, use a high quality moisture protector always when roofing.

3. Incorrect Fastener Length

Using an incorrect fastener length might result into premature roof replacement and roof repair. Choosing the correct fastener length plays a crucial role in roofing. If you use very short nails to fasten the shingles, then you run the risk of loosening the shingles. Therefore, make sure that you use the right length of fasteners for a perfect roofing project that will last long.

4. Cleaning the Roof with Pressure Washer

As much as you might want to ensure a clean roof, avoid using a pressure cleaner on the roof. To begin with, the roofing materials are not designed such that the pressure machine can be used to clean them. It takes the appropriate roof washing supplies to do a perfect roof cleaning job. Using the pressure machine damages the roof surface tiles and the shingles and risks causing a moisture problem on the roof.

5. Not Regularly Inspecting The roof

Roof inspection is probably the most important maintenance tips. It is certainly important that you periodically inspect the roof for stains as well as possible defects. This will help to retain the roof look and helps to reduce roof repair costs. This is by being able to cite small defects and handling them on time. You can hire roof Repair Company to conduct regular checks on your roof.

Homeowners make those common mistakes when it comes to taking care of the roof. These can be costly and even lead to premature roof replacements.

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