Common signs that it may be time you replace your home’s roof

Most people do not think about checking their roof until there is a major problem. This can be a leaking ceiling or a rusty roof with multiple defects. A roof does reach the end of life and under such circumstances; a roof installation needs to be carried out immediately.

Why wait for such circumstances when there are signs that tell you a roof replacement is necessary? When you realize these signs, contact a roofing services company immediately for installation of a new roof.
So, what are some of the signs that tell you that you should carry out a roof replacement? Keep reading to find out some of the signs that you need to watch out for.

The shingle edges look curled or shingle tabs are cupped

The roof shingle is the covering that consists of the individual overlapping flat or rectangular elements. These are some of the common places that you need to observe to tell when a roof replacement is needed. Check to see if the shingles are curled and buckled. If you see these signs, make sure you budget for an urgent roof replacement.

You see granules on the gutters

A bunch of granules in the gutters can occur after a roof replacement and when this happens, there is nothing to worry about. However, when you have not carried out a roof replacement or a new installation and you see these signs, contact a roof repair expert near you for a quote. The granules will fall off when the shingles have started to bake and the quality of the roof deteriorates so fast.

Your roof is covered in algae and black moss

Most roofs are not algae resistant. Therefore, because of accumulated moisture on the roof, you might realize that the roof becomes covered with algae. Under such circumstances, the roof is prone to further damage and it is important that you replace the roof. When you begin to see moss and algae underneath the roof or on the gutters, you can contact the roof repair company to address the issue before it has grown out of hand. As long as the rest of the roof stands the original look, there is no cause for alarm.

An entire shingle is missing from the roof

This can occur mostly when there is a strong wind or during a storm. This could result in further damage if the issue is not addressed immediately. Check to see that the roof shingles are intact.

A roof replacement should be considered whenever the above signs are prevalent. It is important you perform a regular check on your roof to see the above signs before the situation gets worse.

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